A magnificently located vineyard

The 24 hectare Cayx vineyard boasts a magnificent full-south orientation, is sheltered from the cold northern winds and enjoys abundant sunshine. The vineyard has an oceanic climate with Mediterranean influences. The warm and dry Autan wind blows from the south in the autumn, providing the perfect conditions for the berries until they reach maturity.


In the valley hollow at 90m above sea level, the meanders of the river regulate the temperature and are a permanent source of water, typical of fine wine terroirs. 











The average age of the vines is 25 and they are planted in clay-limestone soil.






Malbec and Chardonnay.

The dominant grape variety is Malbec, which accounts for close to 100% of the château’s red wines. 

The château’s white wine is made from Chardonnay, a grape variety perfectly suited to the area.

The higher plots in the Cayx winery are mainly limestone while the lower areas are limestone combined with gravel mixed with pieces of debris, meaning that the winery produces the most powerful Cahors wines suitable for cellaring.

Quality initiative

In the quest for quality and excellence, the vineyard work is carried out with particular care, both in terms of working the soil

(cover planting to encourage the terroir effect and environmentally-sound treatment) and controlling yields (Guyot pruning, removal of surplus shoots and, if necessary, green harvesting to keep yields under 40 hl per hectare).

Grapes are harvested and made into wine from each separate plot under strict temperature control and vatting periods are rather long, lasting 15-20 days.